What is digital accessibility ?

The General Accessibility Improvement Repository (GAIR) defines digital accessibility as making online public communication services, including websites and mobile applications, accessible to people with disabilities. The content offered must be perceptible (visual and auditory perception of the content facilitated), usable, comprehensible and robust (compatibility with optimized support technologies).

Digital accessibility concerns all disabilities that affect the use of online public communication services, including physical, sensory, mental, cognitive and mental disabilities.

Our accessibility policy

Digital accessibility is a constant concern in the design and implementation of websites and mobile applications, which we make available to our customers and also to our employees.

This concern is reflected in the development and publication of a multi-year accessibility plan. Our digital accessibility policy and annual action plans for the GAIR compliance of the website and associated mobile application are documented.

Accessibility Statement

An accessibility audit establishes a level of compliance with the GAIR repository.

The accessibility statement describes the conditions of the control and its results.

Site Usage Help

Main Navigation

The site has a main navigation menu that allows you to access the different sections of the site.

It is always positioned in the same place, regardless of the page you are viewing.

Other navigation systems

  • A search engine.

Page Structure

Each page is structured in the same way with the definition of 4 regions :

  • The banner or page header area
  • The main navigation where you can find the site menu
  • The main content
  • The footer area

Title Navigation

Setting title levels in the main content of our pages brings several advantages :

  • A better understanding of the content of the page because the information is hierarchical
  • The possibility of extracting a summary from it (by a screen reader feature or mentally) and thus of having a summary overview of the content of the page
  • Screen readers offer shortcuts to go directly to a title or to navigate from title to title, allowing a faster and more efficient page journey.

Quick Access Link

The quick access links at the beginning of the document allow easy navigation to the main regions of the page and access to important features of the site. They are not visible by default but appear when the focus is taken.

These links allow you to go directly to :

  • To the main content of the page
  • To the main navigation menu
  • To the search engine
  • To the header area of the page
  • To footer area

Text Size and Zoom

The size of all text is based on the use of relative units, which allows it to be modified in most browsers.

Our site responds correctly to a chart enlargement.

Keyboard navigation for interactive components

The site includes components based on javascript technology.

The latest ones are designed to be keyboard-based and with a screen reader (such as JAWS or NVDA).


Report a malfunction

If you encounter any accessibility problems on our site, do not hesitate to write to us via the e-mail address (cofidisretail@cofidis.fr)

Defender of rights

If you notice a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing any content or functionality of the site, have reported it to the website manager, and have not received a satisfactory response, you may use the following remedies :