Cofidis Marketplace:
on-demand services for your
applications and your customers

Access our catalog of financial services APIs to enrich the payment experience. Turnkey or tailor-made offers, you write the story that goes with our services.

Discover our solutions

Simple and quick APIs to integrate

Packaged services and an integration kit to allow your teams to carry out an integration in a few days and in complete autonomy.

A demonstration platform connected to our APIs

Discover our services through illustrative “use cases” in a “sandbox” environment.

The security of your customers' data

Integrated with Euro Information technology, we process billions of transactions in compliance with the most demanding market standards.

Personalized services for your environments

Tools to compose your ideal payment journey or use customizable templates.

APIs designed for
Lifecycle Management

Our vision of payment: to be as close as possible to your businesses and your products, we develop services beyond the customer journey

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A solution appreciated by developers

SDK to easily and quickly create an ideal journey
Technical assistance
Devportal with a sandbox and a dedicated account